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For several weeks now, a migration scandal has been taking place in Bremen: Navid, a young Afghan, is threatened by a so-called ‘chain deportation’ from Bremen via Denmark to Afghanistan. Although he is struggling with the consequences of the polio disease and a poorly performed surgery in his early childhood, the BAMF wants to send him back to Afghanistan.


Now we have launched the NavidStays campaign, which is directed against deportations in general and chain deportations in particular. We want as many people as possible to take note of this case and show solidarity with Navid. So, sign the petition and tell your friends about Navid!


For personal reasons, Navid escaped to Europe, since, as a Christian in Afghanistan, a peaceful life was impossible for him. On his way to Sweden, he was detained in Denmark while he was trying to get to Sweden and, due to a lack of alternatives, he filed his asylum application in Denmark. Denmark rejected him and denied the necessary medical help. Therefore, with the help of Danish friends, he came to Bremen, where he received medical treatment. Yet, due to the Dublin III Agreement, he is now confronted with a forced return to Denmark.


For further information on the background of Navids case, read here!

Petition against chain deportation


We call for the immediate suspension of the Dublin III procedure and a general stop of deportations!


We demand a clear rejection of deportations into warzones and crisis areas from those who are responsible in Bremen, and those on the national political level!


Furthermore, we condemn the campaign 'freiwillige Ausreise' from the Federal Ministry of the Interior! Afghanistan is not safe!


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Be part of the campaign against chain deportation! Navid stays! We can only achieve it together!


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